So How Does This Work ?


Now that Your Application Has Been Approved

Next steps include: hosting setup, fine tuning the appearance of your site via select WordPress theme, upload your content and then releasing the website over to you makes up the rest of our process.

If you require additional services, please refer back to the homepage to choose from our paid addon options and other paid services of interest.

The First Step In Our Thinking

We strive to build a product that we can stand behind and that you're going to enjoy too. Looks great, looks modern and when it's all done, you can be proud to say this free website is all mine.

Apply For A Free Website

Why do you need a free website ? The reality is that we can't take on everyone that wants a free website for various reasons and that is why there is an application process. The application process ensures that this is good for us and it's good for you.

the process is simple

An application should be painless and ours is too.