How Do You Make Money ?

The Truth Is:

Building “Your” Website Isn't Free For “us”

Every website has costs. Bummer right ? Whether you realize it or not, there are two absolutely unavoidable things a website needs:

A domain name (name of your website) & website hosting (where your website files will be kept).

We take on the cost of “developing your website” so you don't have to. Building a free website for you also means we have to have a place to host it. To do what we do in order to deliver a fully developed website free WordPress website means we ask that you pay for the hosting. This is how we are able to operate and deliver a free, modern functional website to you. 

Paid for hosting and my website was built in less than 14 days. Everything looked great and I feel like I saved a lot of money finding your website. Thank you so much for the website you made for me.

Jasmine D.

Project Manager

What Is Website Hosting

Web hosting is basically the process of renting or buying space to house a website online. Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images has to be housed on a server to be viewable online. Hosting is essential in this process.

Website Development...

Incurs costs for us so when you sign up for website hosting that helps to cover our development costs for your website.

When you sign up through an affiliate link and purchase hosting we are paid a commission from the preferred provider (Bluehost, Liquid Web or WP Engine).

This process helps us to defray some of our development costs. You pay us nothing.

The “commission” is paid to us from the web host company. It's pretty straightforward and simple.

Is This Legitimate ?

If you went anywhere else, they would charge you hundreds to thousands to build a website for you because of the hours involved in website development. You're free to research this on your own. Refunds for website hosting is available no matter where you go.

Should your application be accepted and you get cold feet, upon contact by request of course.. the hosting provider will refund your money and we'll part ways amicably and I'll move on to the next client seeking their own free website.

You should never engage in transactions where you are not completely confident and sure about your decision.

The Benefits


A Modern Website

You get a professional website that you didn't have to pay to develop.


Website Developer

You're getting more than 5 hours of developer time for your website.


Mobile Responsive Website

You get a mobile responsive website that will look good on any device your free website is located on.

Google Ready Free Website

You're getting a site ready for the SERPS in Google. Your free WordPress website will be ready to be seen and climb up the search results with the services offered here.