Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Refunds ?

We are providing a free WordPress website and you aren't paying us anything. No, there are no refunds because they aren't applicable. As for addon/additional services, refunds will not be issued for those services once the work has been started.

How Can You Afford To Do This ?

As explained before, website development is the process of creating the website. This process incurs costs to us. We ask that you pay for hosting because we receive a commission from the preferred provider (Bluehost, Liquid Web or WP Engine) you sign up with. We cannot offer this service without the critical step of you paying for the hosting. The hosting is necessary because it is where the website files for your website will be stored.

Can I Sign Up Through A Free Trial ?

No. Free Trials do not apply for the free website service. If it is determined that you've used a free trial offer, this will forfeit your free WordPress website.

What If I'm Already Signed Up with One Of Your Preferred Providers ?

We will not be able to render our free website service to you but we can still offer pre-paid addon / additional services to you instead. Fill out the application and let us know which addon or additional service you need.

What If I Want To Cancel The Web Hosting ?

We don't control cancellation of hosting because we are not the hosting company, but we advise that if you want to cancel your web hosting that you should make the request within 30 days of you signing up with them. Understand that this action will also forfeit your free WordPress website.

I've Heard That I Don't Need Web Hosting ?

That's true. You can avoid us altogether and get a WordPress website that is not self hosted, but your domain will look like this: Paying for hosting (through our process) means you will have a domain that looks like this: It's completely up to you. In order to get a free website from us, you will have to sign up with one of our preferred providers and pay for hosting.

Do I Need A Domain Name ?

Yes. If you don't have one, this can be secured through the preferred website hosting company you choose among the ones we work with.

Do You Have Sample Websites ?

To protect our clients, we do not provide example websites, but this website is an example of proof of what we can offer to you.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Free Website ?

That will vary from client to client. 1-3 Weeks / 7-15 business days. 

How Will You Access My Account ?

The easiest way is for you to provide us with your login details. We will set up a plugin that will provide temporary access to your account. Once we have finished our work, we will delete the temporary access and the plugin and the free website is all yours. Without access we can't build the free WordPress website for you. You are also able to change your login details after we have completed our work.

Are There Any Surprise or Hidden Fees ?

No. You're paying one of our preferred website hosting companies for hosting. You aren't paying us anything for your free website. Our additional services are listed and a quote will be generated for the pre-paid services / addon's you want.