Apply For A Free WordPress Website

What's In It For Me ?

You receive a free WordPress website that you can call your own that is modernized by today's graphic design standards and is mobile friendly for various device platforms. 

The Fine Print

Please understand that not everyone who applies will be approved for a free website. Applications are approved on a case by case basis. Your needs must be a good match for us.

We do not charge anything for this service, however to cover our website development costs that we incur, we ask that you “as an approved client” pay for website hosting through one of our preferred providers via affiliate link (e.g. Bluehost (the cheapest option).., mid tier option is Liquid Web and the highest quality tier is WP Engine). When you use our link, we receive a commission and that helps us pay down some of our website development costs.

That completes our process.

If there's anything you need after receiving your free website, we extend additional services in addition to addon's that are available should you be interested in the paid extras after the free WordPress website has been released to you.

Acceptable vs Not Acceptable

We don't accept requests for websites that are unethical, sexual in nature, hateful etc. We don't accept website requests that are overly complex.

We strictly build WordPress websites that are 3 pages, consisting of a homepage and 2 inner pages. Anything more than 3 pages will be a paid addon and payment will be required upfront for the additional pages.. not to exceed 7 pages total.

Payments for any additional services or addon's will be rendered via Paypal. No other payment processors are accepted at this time.

Email is required. We will respond by email if your application has been accepted. Responses are made within 24 to 72 hours after submission.

Application – Complete The Form Below

Need first "and" last name. Required.
No one likes SPAM. We won't do that to you. We need it to communicate if we accept you as a client.
Other services include: Graphic design services, Keyword research services, Website traffic services, SEO services OR/AND access to The Wordpress & Shopify Vault. If there's something else you need, just let me know below.
Details should include niche / category of the website and a general idea as to what the website is going to be about. PLEASE BE VERY DETAILED. (General information like I want an education based blog will not be approved).
Please indicate addon service of interest OR explain what service you're looking for. Thanks.
Note: Hosting is required for our free website building package. Bluehost is the cheapest option at $4 per month, then Liquid Web, then WP Engine which is the highest quality option.
If you are approved as a client, your login details will be deleted after work has been completed on your free website. As the website owner, you can also change the login details after your free website is done.